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Team Ambassador - Noah Mann
Team Ambassador - Noah Mann

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Noah was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumour at 20 months.  What started with excessively drinking water, a perplexed medical team and then an abdominal ultrasound, let us to finding an 8cm mass on his right kidney.  Blood work every 4 hours turned into blood pressures every hour, a trip to the Intensive Care Unit and a lot of sleepless nights, cuddles, and blowing bubbles.   On New Years Eve, Noah had his right kidney, including the tumour, removed and 2 weeks later he started his 7 month journey with chemotherapy.  

Words cannot express how fortunate Noah is to have the ongoing research that puts his prognosis at 98%. The research which supports Noah's care ensures that he receives the safest and most effective treatment there is. The care and support for our family has been given is so amazing, allowing us to put our trust in the medical care that Noah receives on a weekly basis.    Noah will turn 2 in April.  Not only will he celebrate his second birthday, but also the the smiles, the laughs and the bubbly personality that he continues to give us every day.

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