How do I register?

By-creating a fundraising page. Click on REGISTER on the home page.

How do I raise money?

Once you register online you can use the online fundraising system to send your friends and family a link to your personal fundraising page. There, they can give to you securely online by credit card. Alternately, you can download a pledge form, print it out and ask people face-to-face for support. Our pledge form is also our registration form which must be handed in on event day regardless. Note that amounts on manual form will be added to your online total to reach your fundraising total. Donations should not be entered in both places.

What do I do with the cash and cheques I collect?

Bring all cheques (payable to R.O.C.K. or Childhood Cancer Canada) and cash with your manual pledge on ROCK day.

What do I do if a cheque gets written out to me rather than the foundation?

Deposit the cheque in your bank account, then write a personal cheque  or bring cash to match the donation on your manual pledge form on ride day. You can also pay the donation online with your own credit card in the name of the donor who gave you the cheque. Be sure and enter their donor info so the tax receipt comes in their name.  If you have their email address you can have it sent direct to them, otherwise it will come to your email to be forwarded accordingly.

Do all donors get a charitable receipt?

No, donations of cash and cheques of less than $20 are not receipted in order to minimize event-processing expenses. A home or business mailing address must also be submitted as this is required by law for issuing tax receipts.  Incomplete or illegible addresses won't be receipted.

When do donors get receipts?

Online donors who securely give their credit cards get e-receipts within minutes of their donations sent directly to their provided email address. Be sure to check in junk mail/spam if the receipt doesn't turn up in inbox. A home or business mailing address must also be submitted as this is required for issuing tax receipts. If an email is not provided but the ground mail address is on record we will mail to this. Donors who give cheques or cash are receipted within 60 days of the event by regular post (for donations of $20 or more).

I'd like to pay my cash donations by personal cheque or credit card. Can I do this?

Yes.  For cheques please ensure all donor information is on your manual pledge form and the total matches your cheque which you hand in on ride day morning.  If you prefer to pay by credit card, contact Bob at in advance and he will assist. We do not accept credit cards at the actual event.

I received a notification email that someone donated to me! How do I thank them?

Log into your Participant Center to see your updated donor list. Send them a thank you by customizing the provided email draft. Better yet, give them a phone call too!

Still have questions?  

Give us a call, we are here to help!



  • Set up your personal page online. Upload your picture and share your story. Remember, your page is to inspire people to donate. 
  • Set your fundraising goal. Be ambitious. Set a high goal and challenge yourself to surpass it. You can do this and you’re not alone! Together, we can help create more victories for kids with cancer.
  • Get your first donation today! That first donation is a feeling you’ll never forget and motivates you to make a difference. Start NOW. Ask someone you’re sure will say yes, and get the ball rolling!
  • Send an email to everyone you know. Friends, family, co-workers, everyone! Let them know what you are doing and why you are doing it. We’ve created a draft email for you to customize. Just sign into the Participant Center and get started. 
  • Go old school and collect donations in-person. Download a pledge sheet and collect donations face-to-face. All in-person donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt. (Please note that to receive a tax receipt, full name and mailing address are required.)
  • Repeat, remind and rewind. Your friends are busy. Remind them to donate! Most people need to be reminded a few times before they find the right moment to complete a donation.
  • Say THANK YOU. These are two powerful little words. Thank your donors in person, then through email, and then on social media. They will LOVE the recognition and feel that your journey is now theirs.